What is Transit TV?
How Transit TV works

About Transit TV

Transit TV is an innovative free-to-air media channel that has emerged in recent years in the international public transport sector. It has been found to be more effective than regular TV, billboards, newspaper and radio because the screens are the centre of attention, engaging a captive audience.

Swaziland is one of the first countries in Africa to adopt this exciting trend. Mobilize introduced Transit TV to Swaziland in 2013 using cutting edge technology that was developed specifically for the transport industry over a six year period.

Kombis and buses are fitted with 22 inch LCD flat screens which play programmed, off-line content to the public as they travel on the country's major commuter routes.

How it works

When vehicles switch on, our TV units automatically download the day’s playlist and the associated video files from our content server via the internet. The files are stored on the TVs which means we don’t have rely on network stability to deliver programming.

Throughout the day, the TVs log flighting data and check the server for updates. This ensures that viewers get the latest content, even if the vehicle has been in the workshop or out the country for a few days.

There is no manual intervention from the driver and no DVDs are required to operate this system.