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Play your part in making a difference in Swaziland by sponsoring informative, Proudly Swazi, positive features. This is an excellent way to spend your CSR budget. You'll be making a nation-wide impact and associating your brand with valuable messages that can make a tangible difference in the everyday lives of the Swazi people.

features available for sponsorship

Health Matters
health matters

This educational series will communicate in short, succinct videos, important messages about health, hygiene and disease. An experienced nurse, with many years of work in primary health care in Swaziland, has identified key health issues that face local communities.

Episodes will address topics such as Good Nutrition, Exercise, The Importance of hand washing, Living with TB, Living with HIV/Aids, What You Need to Know About Antiretrovirals, and Managing Diabetes

Available for sponsorship

DIY Series
Building and diy series

This educational series will communicate in short practical videos, how to do DIY around the house and in rural homesteads. It will empower the local people of Swaziland to complete projects on their own.

Available for sponsorship

Technology Show
technology show
Showcase of interesting tech gadgets and trends, and how they affect our lives:
  • Lifestyle: Technology today and how it affects our lifestyle
  • News: The latest technology trends and developments
  • Reviews: Brief demos and reviews of tech gadgets

Partially sponsored by Computronics | Available for further sponsorship
cooking show
master's recipes
One of Swaziland’s top chefs shows how to make great tasting meals, quickly and cost effectively. He'll demonstrate useful cooking tips, recipes that appeal to local appetites, and highlight healthy food choices.

Partially sponsored by eDish, Shoprite and iMana | Available for further sponsorship

Watch: Episode 1: Red Lentil Soup | Episode 2: Soya Mince and Pap Lasagne

Save a Life

save a life

A first aid series teaching life-saving skills. Each episode will educate viewers how to make a quick assessment of a particular emergency and the best way to respond to the situation in order to prolong life and stabilize the patient until professional help arrives. Episodes will cover topics such as CPR, drowning, choking, snake bites, car accidents etc

Partially sponsored by Whole-Sum-Living-Group | Available for further sponsorship

Watch: Episode 1: Adult CPR

Health Matters
swaziland's funniest videos
A series designed to give viewers an opportunity to kick back and have a good, wholesome laugh.
  • Public contributions: Mobilize will make various channels available to make it easy for people to contribute their funny videos
  • Sponsored prizes: Prizes will be awarded for the most popular entries
  • Engaging and relatable: People enjoy seeing themselves on TV and will relate to the local, familiar, fun flavour of the series

Available for sponsorship
Proudly Swazi
proudly swazi
A series dedicated to sharing good news stories about Swaziland and celebrating all this nation has to offer, including:
  • Tourist attractions: What makes Swaziland unique and attractive to visitors, and how the tourism industry benefits the country
  • Swazi people / products: Local excellence being recognized
  • Positive socio-economic factors: Why people love Swaziland and invest here
  • Social / development projects: How local people / organisations are helping uplift communities

Partially sponsored by AllOut Africa | Available for further sponsorship