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We believe in the importance of locally produced features that target key issues facing Swazis today. Mobilize has partnered with corporates to bring the following series to the screen. See series that are available for sponsorship.

Your future is in your hands
Likusasa Lisetandleni Thako - Cala Manje!

The future is in your hands. Start today!
Co-sponsored by Montigny and Technoserve / EU

A series dedicated to inspiring and challenging people to think and plan long term. Each episode tells a real-life story that describes how a person took steps towards a long term goal, and built a brighter future for themselves.

Cala Manje - Episode 1
Episode 1: We meet Mpumelelo Dlamini, who started life as an orphan and had to sell handicrafts to pay for his education. Slowly and deliberately he worked his way up to becoming a respected cattle trader and herdsman in his region.
Cala Manje - Episode 2
Episode 2: In the second episode of this series we meet Freedom Simelane who owns a carpentry business in Hlatikulu. Recognising the need for a long term investment, he started planting trees so that one day he would have a whole forest from which to harvest the wood he needs. He started by buying a few saplings a month and now has a plantation of 16,000!
Cala Manje - Episode 3
Episode 3: In the third episode of our series, we meet Nurse Ntjalitjali who turned to bee-keeping when her family needed another source of income. She started with just one hive, but was determined to grow her business. She now has forty hives, and the resulting honey sales have enabled her family to lead a sustainable life.
Cala Manje - Episode 4
Episode 4: In Episode Four, Gogo Grace tells the story of her chicken farm. She has steadily grown her operation by reinvesting her profits and diversifying her business interests. She also saves a portion of her income every month and budgets carefully to ensure the sustainability and success of her business.
Cala Manje - Episode 5
Episode 5: In our fifth and final episode, we hear how Themba started out as a labourer in a vegetable farming enterprise. Through hard work and commitment he worked his way up, and is now a co-owner in the business. He offers employment to numerous members of his community, and exports his products to top end retailers South Africa.
Master's Recipes
master's recipes

Partially sponsored by Imana | Available for further sponsorship

One of Swaziland’s top chefs shows how to make great tasting meals, quickly and cost effectively. He'll demonstrate useful cooking tips, recipes that appeal to local appetites, and highlight health

Save a Life - Episode 1
Red Lentil Soup: Watch Chef Abraham whip up a delicious soup using fresh vegetables and Imana soup.
Save a Life - Episode 1
Soya Mince and Pap Lasagne: Chef Abraham does a Swazi take on Lasagne using pap instead of pasta. It's mouth watering!
Your future is in your hands
save a life

Partially sponsored by Whole-Sum-Living-Group | Available for further sponsorship

A first aid series teaching life-saving skills. Each episode will educate viewers how to make a quick assessment of a particular emergency and the best way to respond to the situation in order to prolong life and stabilize the patient until professional help arrives. Episodes will cover topics such as CPR, drowning, choking, snake bites, car accidents etc.

Save a Life - Episode 1
Episode 1: How to perform CPR on an adult.