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"I always wait for a Mobilize Transit TV kombi. I am stressed when I get on the kombi but by the time I get off I feel relieved & revived."
- Jacob Sibanyoni (Commuter)

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Social development

Swaziland Economic Improvement Workers Union (SEIWU)

80% of SEIWU's members joined the union after seeing the SEIWU advert on Mobilize Transit TV. SEIWU is Swaziland's fastest growing workers' union. SEIWU's vision is to ensure stability and harmony in the workplace, in order to facilitate excellent investment opportunities in Swaziland, thus increasing employment opportunities for Swaziland's people.
ECONOMY & sustainability
SWASA chartSwaziland Standards Authority (SWASA)

The Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) ran a campaign on the country's typically used media channels, asking for people to respond on their toll-free number. Of the respondents, over 60% saw the SWASA advert on Mobilize Transit TV. SWASA aims to promote quality principals and facilitate the use of standards to reduce technical barriers to trade and investment, to ensure a sustainable Swazi economy and to safeguard the nation's health, safety and environment.

Corporate return on investment

KFC - "We sold out after 3 days!"

MANDLA MAHEWU, CEO - "Our product sales have rocketed!". We are seeing sales figures significantly higher than forecast since we started advertising on Mobilize Transit TV."

DIXIES INTERNATIONAL - "Knitwear Shelves are empty! The product is paying for itself."

SWAZIBANK, Lindiwe Shongwe (Marketing Director) - "We have had great feedback from both staff and clients who have seen our advert on the buses and taxis! We’ve had clients come into the branch asking for the funeral plan which they saw advertised on Mobilize Transit TV. We are very pleased with the exposure that Mobilize Transit TV has given to SwaziBank and to our products and services."