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Do the drivers control what and when Mobilize Transit TV plays?

The Mobilize system is fully automated and requires no manual involvement from the driver. When a vehicle switches on, the TV starts up on its own and downloads all the content from our server. We do not use DVDs. When a vehicle switches off, the Mobilize TV also switches off.

Does transit TV still work if the 3G network is down?

Yes! We store our content on the TV hard drives, so even if the vehicle is out of 3G range, or the network is down, Mobilize will continue to play. Once the vehicle is able to connect to the 3G network again, the TV will automatically check to see if there are any changes to the playlist and download the latest content.

Can commuters always see/hear the TVs?

Each vehicle is fitted with a 19 inch screen which is mounted on the ceiling in a custom frame. This makes the screen visible to all passengers when seated.

Every TV unit has a speaker either side of the screen and is also connected to the vehicle's back speakers. We control baseline volume levels from our media office and make every effort to ensure that passengers can hear clearly, but environmental factors such as traffic noise are beyond our control. For this reason, content and adverts are produced to communicate primarily using images and sub-titles. As far as is reasonably possible, we try not to rely heavily on audio in order to deliver our programming effectively.

Who pays for the TVs?

Mobilize takes full responsibility for the purchase, installation, support and maintenance of the TVs. We also pay for the TV license, TV insurance, and all the data costs associated with downloading the playlists.

How do I get Mobilize Transit TV in my kombi or bus?

Currently, we are able to fit Toyota Quantums and selected bus models with the transit TV system. If you'd like Mobilize on your public transport vehicle, please contact us.

Can you play my videos?

We're always on the look out for new and engaging content. If you have a video that you think is suitable for Mobilize Transit TV, you're welcome to drop off a copy at our offices for review, or contact us to discuss your clip further. Please see our technical specifications for format requirements.

Can I have Mobilize in my car / house / office / forecourt or on my phone?

Mobilize is in partnership with a technical provider that offers digital signage in offices, shopping centres and forecourts. Please contact us if you are interested in this solution.

Transit TV is not available for personal vehicles, private homes or mobile phones.

Is it possible to rotate a set of adverts within the contract period?

Yes, your adverts can be rotated for a minimum of one week at a time during the contract period.

How long can my advert show for before is should be changed?

We have found that the optimum flighting period for an advert is two months, as this typically reaches the widest audience. Thereafter, we recommend that you change your advert to keep viewers interested and engaged.

Why are the adverts only aired five days a week?

The adverts are actually aired throughout the seven day week, but we guarantee five days as some vehicles may be hired out on a weekend for cross border trips, or be in the garage for a few days. So, although we commit to adverts airing five days a week, they generally run for the extra two days on most vehicles.

How do I get my video / advert / content to you?

You're welcome to come to our offices with a portable flash drive so that we can copy your file directly. Alternatively, we accept materials via Dropbox or equivalent, and on DVD (please post to PO Box 9346, Mbabane, H100, Swaziland). If you are working with an international advertising distribution partner, please direct us to your distributor and we will make arrangements with them to receive your advert.

Do your costs include agency commission?


Can Mobilize produce my advert?

Mobilize provides production services and can assist you with the marketing strategy for your advertising campaign. We also partner with other local production companies and would be happy to recommend one to suit your business requirements. See affiliated production companies for contact details.

How does the programming work? Do all the TVs show the same content at the same time?

There are two 40 minute loops which run throughout the day. All routes screen the same content, but the timing of the schedule will vary as the TV unit is switched on automatically when the driver of the taxi turns the engine on. Advertisers have the option to show their adverts in both loops or in one loop. This affects how frequently an advert shows but doesn't control the time at which it appears on the screen. Geo-targeting, however, allows advertisers to show their advert when the vehicle comes within range of a specific location.

What is the advantage of looped (repeating) content?

Internationally, transit TV has been proven to have a higher retention rate than other forms of media. It has a very high impact rate on commuters owing to the frequency that the commuters see the content, taking them from thinking "ah this is interesting, to "that applies to me", to "I think I need to change this behavior or buy this product", etc.

How do I report a problem?

If you notice a problem with Mobilize, you can call / sms / Whatsapp our offices on 76867044 to report the issue. Each TV unit has a unique three digit number displayed next to it. If you can quote this number or the license plate number we'll be able to track that vehicle down and send our team of dedicated and diligent technicians to fix the problem.