Our Content

The heart of our business

We want to engage, inspire and inform commuters through the content we screen, and each clip is carefully selected against these criteria.

local content

On a typical day, Mobilize viewers enjoy a mix of weather, sport, music, light entertainment, educational videos and uplifting features as they travel to and from work. Seventy-seven percent of our content is what the local audience can relate with. Locally produced content is, where possible, recorded in SiSwati with English subtitles..

Content schedules play in a 3hr loop,, interspersed with advertising.

content categories

Sample: Soccer Results
Thembelihle's story, Elusitweni

Good news stories, spiritual encouragement, core values

Sample: Thembelihle's story, Elusitweni

CPR Education
Health & HIV, Environmental Awareness, Business & Industry

Sample: Using money wisely, Potter's wheel church

Movie previews, comedy, drama

Sample: The Boss baby, movie trailer

Pastor Bake

Local and international music videos

Sample: What a beautiful name, Hillsong

sample content

Watch 20 mins of typical Mobilize programming