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extend your reach

We currently reach 80,000 - 100,000 viewers per month, while a standard advert can achieve up to 450 000 impressions per month (calculated on 50 vehicles). Read more about how we calcuate reach.

There are many good reasons to advertise with Transit TV. Have a look at our top 10 below and then give us a call to get started on the 5 easy steps to featuring your brand on Mobilize.

10 great reasons to advertise on Transit TV

Mass Market1 70% of Swaziland uses public transport daily, making this the largest consumer group - and therefore the most powerful market segment - in the country.
Desirable Demographic 2 Mobilize has a broad audience. Our viewers are mostly working class citizens who have disposable income and are decision makers in their household. But we are by no means limited to this demographic - we also reach large numbers of young people and the elderly, all of whom rely on public transport. Our LSM (Living Standard Medium) range is 3-7, meaning we reach both the poor and the wealthy.
Captive Audience 3 Commuters are restricted to the vehicle - they cannot change the channel or walk away. Transit TV is the centre of attention, enriching the travel experience.
Engaging 4Our programming includes weather, sport, music, uplifting features and edutainment that aims to engage, inspire and empower viewers.
Proudly Swazi 5 We screen a high percentage of locally produced, Siswati content that appeals to local viewing tastes and preferences. Our educational material is specifically chosen to address the country's major societal, health and environmental issues.
High Recall 6 Adverts are screened frequently, giving commuters regular and repeated exposure to your message. You can expect up to 450 thousand impressions of your insert per month. This translates into high recall of goods and services on offer.
Proven Impact 7 Independent studies show that Transit TV is the most effective way to reach consumers. Advertisers on Mobilize Transit TV report significant increases in sales.
Cost Effective 8 Mobilize offers flexible advertising packages that provide the best value for money available in the market.
Quantifiable Exposure 9 Detailed monthly reports provide valuable insight into your market reach and impact. Clients can see exactly how many times their advert / feature was flighted and the impact areas on a map.
Automated Solution 10 There is no manual involvement from the driver. Our TVs switch on as vehicles start, auto-download and play the day’s content. No DVDs are required.