the power of tv on public transport

Mobilize Transit TV is a free-to-air channel that beams uplifting, educational and entertaining TV to thousands of people on major commuter routes across Swaziland. We screen weather, sport, music, edutainment and positive features that aim to engage, inspire and empower viewers. Our aim is to tackle major societal, health and environmental issues - to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch, and to be a catalyst for transformation.


the most effective channel

Compared to other media channels, transit TV has been proven to be the most engaging and effective means of reaching a captive audience. A powerful combination of moving visuals and audio, it has allure of regular television, with the added advantage that viewers can't walk away, fast forward or switch off.


What we do?

We produce high quality videos and voice overs, but it all starts from generated idea and script. We also own high quality video and audio equipment which helps us produce high quality motion graphics. However, we offer the development of your digital marketing strategy and your digital advertising. We provide high quality graphic design like Posters, Banners, Logos, Billboards designs and many more.

Watch our 2min clip for an overview of who we are.

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